Top 10 reasons to include Kombucha in your diet

Kombucha is a trendy super tea that is winning the hearts of people worldwide. With the goodness of bacteria and lip-smacking flavours, this drink is bound to replace all other coolers in your refrigerator. It is a fermented sweet tea made with three simple ingredients: green/black tea, sugar and SCOBY. This glass-bottled beverage is now a common sight at cafes, restaurants, clubs and even workplaces. Kombucha is paving the way to a healthier lifestyle with its various benefits that boost your body potentials.

Now, the question arises: how is it made?

Well, each batch of Toyo Kombucha starts as a green or black tea: water + sugar + tea leaves. After brewing, SCOBY is added to the tea to facilitate the process of fermentation. The beverage is left to ferment naturally for 1- 4 weeks. No artificial flavours or preservatives are used in the making of this probiotic tea. Toyo Kombucha ensures a completely authentic beverage without any funny business.

Reasons as to why you should include kombucha tea in your daily lives:

  • It is probiotic: This probiotic punch is rich in good-gut bacteria that improves intestinal health, cuts the risk of chronic diseases, and boosts the immune system. Long cut short, it helps you digest food faster so that your body can absorb all the nutrients required.
  • High in antioxidants: One of the major kombucha benefits include antioxidants. They fight free radicals and minimize the damage done by oxidation. Antioxidants from naturally fermented food like kombucha ward off cancer-borne diseases, heart attacks and other serious ailments.
  • Aids in weight loss: To be clear, kombucha tea is not a supplement, rather it is food that brings nutrients to the body and helps lead a healthier life. This beverage ensures a healthy gut which helps in digestion that further reduces sugar cravings. Drinking kombucha daily has helped people lose a significant amount of weight and is an efficient fat-burning beverage. Go grab a buch, fitness freaks!
  • It is gut-friendly: Among many of its health benefits, a healthy gut stands first. Kombucha tea takes you a step closer to a healthy gut. A healthy gut has apathogens, a kind of good bacteria that kill infectious agents and boosts the immune system. Probiotic-rich kombucha maintains the balance between good and bad bacteria making your body a safer place.
  • Energy booster: The base of kombucha is tea which contains a high amount of caffeine. Though it is reduced to a small amount after fermentation, when mixed with vitamin B and iron present in the drink, it provides energy-boosting effects to the body. Also, the amount of caffeine present in kombucha is much less as compared to other energy drinks.
  • Protects mental health: A leaky gut is a major reason behind mental stress and depression. According to scientific researches, probiotics are helpful in reducing depressive elements like anxiety, nausea and cognition. Health benefits of kombucha include vitamin B12 which releases serotonin, a chemical responsible for regulating mood. Thus, kombucha tea keeps you away from mental stress and cares for you like a child!
  • Rainbow of flavours: Have we told you that Toyo Kombucha comes in a series of bomb flavours that are bound to blow your taste buds? Well, if we haven’t, you know now. Our professional booch brewers have taken their time and skill to craft superior taste without any compromise on the goodness of the drink. You can choose from a wide range of flavours including exotic peach, lemongrass, pineapple, mango and cranberry.
  • It is trendy: The kombucha craze is no joke. People are taking this drink quite seriously and if you’re someone who likes to groove with the trend, kombucha is your tea. You can spot this glass-bottled beverage at supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, clubs and workplaces as well. So, if you want to come out as a person aware of the latest trends, then grab a buch!
  • Locally made: Toyo Kombucha is a dream that provides employment to various sources as it is locally made. We believe in contributing to society’s upliftment and curate our drink from locally sourced ingredients. No compromise is done on the quality as we use high-quality ingredients including elite tea leaves, organic sugar and hygienic colonies of bacteria and yeast.
  • Best-replacement drink: When we say best-replacement drink, we also mean a guilt-free one. Your regular pop sodas feed you sweetened carbonated water with no health benefits whereas kombucha tea is loaded with probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Also, do not forget the mesmerizing bubbly taste that boosts your energy levels. So, it won’t be wrong to say that kombucha is a treasure being used for centuries but more cherished now.

The above-mentioned health benefits might prompt you to try our kombucha tea. Trust us, as you have nothing to fear with Toyo Kombucha as each batch of it is made with the goodness of nature and the skills of our booch brewers. Shop your initiative towards a healthy lifestyle at:

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