Is there any alcohol in your kombucha?

TOYO is certified non-alcoholic.

Is TOYO gluten-free?

Yep, they sure are

Is TOYO vegan-friendly?

Yes TOYO is 100% vegan friendly

When to drink?

Kombucha can be consumed anytime of the day.

How much to drink?

There is no specific recommended quantity that one should drink. But we have customers consuming 3-4 serves a day and have a totally healthy response.

Can children consume TOYO?

Definitely, fermented food are easy pick for mothers for the kids healthy gut.

Are your drinks pasteurised?

No way. We don’t pasteurise. Never have. Never will. Our live cultured drink is raw and unpasteurised to maintain all of their natural, healthy goodness.

What are those floaters in the bottle?

As kombucha is made of live cultures, the “floaters” in the bottle is the live bacteria itself. You can indeed drink up the bits – they’re hugely beneficial for you – or you can sift them out!

Why do you have to keep the bottles refrigerated?

Yes. If it is not refrigerated, the contents continue to ferment and the taste profile changes (still super heathy to consume).