If you are here and reading this, it is a pretty safe bet that you are already wondering- what is this craze about kombucha? Well, we don’t blame you. With growing health awareness, this beverage is turning heads looking for a healthier eating lifestyle. Kombucha is a probiotic-rich, fermented tea that has a sweet, tangy and bubbly taste. 

With toxic eating habits taking a backseat in people’s lives, various health products are being launched everyday. You should never fall for false claims made by brands under the fancy yet convincing advertisements they put across for their audience. Make sure the product you are choosing is actually healthy and beneficial for you!!

Are you aware of the sugar content in your drinks?

If you are trying to kick the sugar habit or planning to avoid it, you may be wondering if kombucha is the right replacement? All your cool drinks are heavily dosed with sugar even when they boast of being on diet. Apart from this, sodas are filled with artificial flavours and chemicals. Kombucha, on the other hand, is fairly low on sugar that helps you keep a check on your weight gain and subsequently reduces the stress of being unhealthy. . One can of coke, contains 39 grams of sugar. The same amount of kombucha has somewhere between 0-15 grams of sugar. In the end, all soda flavours are sugary and artificial but kombucha has a complex yet natural taste which feels refreshing.

Toyo Kombucha: Guilt-free replacement for your drinks. Period.

Toyo Kombucha lifts up your efforts to a healthy lifestyle with a wide range of low and zero sugar kombucha. Every booch manufacturer has his own recipe, but at Toyo, we craft superior flavour not through sugar dumping, but with delicate authentic flavours. This beverage is fairly low in sugar as compared to pop sodas and to add more to it, it is free from all the chemical preservatives present in your other fizzy drinks, that makes it a bang-on health drink. Our brewers stay true to their stand on say no to artificial flavours and present an exotic range of lip-smacking flavours.

Why do we need sugar while brewing Kombucha? 

Sugar is one of the essential ingredients required to make kombucha but luckily, it’s for the yeast to consume, not you! We, at Toyo Kombucha, add a predetermined amount of sugar (the minimum amount for the SCOBY to thrive). During fermentation, the yeast begins to eat the sugar, generating an impressive amount of organic acids. Most of the sugar added to the tea is consumed during the fermentation process. Thus, the result is fairly low or zero sugar kombucha.

Perks of Kombucha

  • Maintain blood sugar level - Maintain a healthy weight
  • Promote Liver health - Reduce Inflammation
  • Boosts Metabolism - Aid Constipation
  • Aid Mental Stress - Boost Cardiovascular health

Kombucha: Drink of the diabetic?

For all our diabetic friends, we understand your day-to-day struggles of what or what not to eat. Toyo Kombucha helps you add a bomb of taste and health to your diet by curating some cool and refreshing flavours. A 2018 study revealed that kombucha could significantly reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin production. Since it’s zero on sugar as compared to other options, it’s often a better choice and a step to cutting back on sugar from drinks overall.

We invite all health fanatics on a journey of good health and the guilt-free decision of opting Toyo Kombucha in your lifestyle. Some of you may be more against trying it but hey, you won’t know if its not your cup of tea until you try it. Go grab your wellness potion now, only at 

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