Beat the summer heat with a refreshing Kombucha booch!

Widely known as the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’, Kombucha is the recent talk of the town. With the limelight that this drink is getting, people are keener about knowing what is kombucha all about? Well, we, at Toyo, describe it as the alive, feel-good drink that not only makes you feel good but is actually beneficial. Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea with good-for-you bacteria that has some major health benefits.

With a fast-pacing world, people tend to be more aware of their health and honestly, who shouldn’t? Kombucha is a real game-changer in the field of cool and poppy drinks. With its tangy and bubbly taste, it is winning the hearts of people. Each batch of Toyo Kombucha is crafted by professional booch brewers who curate lip-smacking flavours that not only lift your mood but also boost your energy level. This fizzy drink is an escape from the scorching heat of summer with its flavourful and refreshing taste.

Kombucha: A refreshing and detoxifying health drink!

  • Rich in antioxidants: A probiotic-rich drink, Kombucha inherits the properties of green tea from which it is made. After the fermentation process, the drink becomes a powerhouse of antioxidants that boosts the immune system which further prevents harmful diseases. Toyo Kombucha is curated with organic ingredients that ensure a superior taste with a glass full of good bacteria at your service.
  • Aids weight loss: The major detoxifying element of this fizzy drink is that it helps you shed those extra kilos really fast. With its good-for-you bacteria, kombucha helps speed up the process of digestion which breaks down food and helps absorb nutrients faster. So, all you need to do is add this organic detox drink to your diet and be relieved from the stress of gaining weight.
  • Great replacement for soda drinks: Toyo Kombucha is a perfect blend of raw, organic ingredients that result in a tangy and bubbly drink far better than your pop sodas. The artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are loaded in sodas have a negative impact on your body potentials. On the other hand, natural sweeteners and organic ingredients help Toyo craft a healthy drink with a superior taste that makes you cling to this fizzy drink.
  • The exotic range of flavours: Toyo Kombucha crafts flavours ranging from lemon grass and pineapple to exotic peach and cranberry, spoiling you with choices. Our professional booch brewers curate and experiment with flavours to present the best-suited ones for a wide range of taste pallets. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives are added to our kombucha tea as we take our natural brewing process very seriously. After four weeks of patiently waiting, we get our hands on the ultimate powerhouse of taste and health, i.e., our exotic range of flavourful kombucha tea.

This ancient drink of the modern world is shaking up the market of pop sodas to establish its legacy which shows that this super tea is here to stay. Many food fads come and go but the Kombucha craze is here for a long time. Nobody can blame this tea for all it offers is an elite taste with a whole load of health benefits.

We, at Toyo Kombucha, serve you a perfect blend of nature, taste and health through our bottled goodness of kombucha tea. Buy kombucha tea online only at

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